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Attendance Policy

  • Tardiness- Punctuality is one of the most important lessons that must be taught at school. The teacher should be in the room and ready to begin work when students arrive. Students who come to class after 7:30 a.m. must report to the office and receive a note from the office to be admitted to class.
  • Sickness at school– when a student becomes sick at school, we make every effort to contact the parent to see about doctoral care or to arrange a way home. Any pupil who becomes sick must be checked out by the parent or authorized persons through the office before going home.
  • Student Absences– All students are to bring a written excuse from the parent or legal guardian on the first day after being absent. The excuse should be written by the parent or guardian. The teacher should encourage and emphasize the importance of bringing the written excuse. Written excuses should be sent to the front office to evaluate and to determine whether or not the absence is valid. Following an absence, the teacher should make every reasonable effort to help the student make up the work missed. The excuse should be filed in the event that it may be used for future reference.
  • There are instances when students are lawfully absent from school. Illness of the student, Illness in the home where there may be danger of spreading a contagious disease, Death in the immediate family (i.e. father, mother, grandparent, sibling, aunt or uncle), quarantine when ordered by local health officials, immediate demands of the home when it is apparent that the demands are due to sickness or other causes of such urgent nature as to require the immediate but temporary assistance of the student.
  • Unexcused Absences– A child can only be successful and learn in school if he/she is in regular attendance. Chronic absenteeism is not only discouraged but can be a contributing factor in school failure. Whenever your child has to be absent, please send a note of explanation the day he/she returns. An unexcused absence will be if a noted if a note is not received, the absence will be considered unexcused.
  • The teacher must report to the school social worker unexcused absences accumulated by a student under the following conditions:

A.  Accumulation of 3 consecutive unexcused days
B.  Accumulation of 6 unexcused days
C.  Accumulation of 10 unexcused days
* In items A and B, the school social worker will visit or send a letter to the parent/guardian. In item C, this matter may be reported to the District Attorney’s Office.

  • Skipping School- Students will be disciplined by the school when their parents send them to school and they do not attend. Also, if a student leaves school without going through the established procedure, then he/she will be disciplined.

Students absent for such questionable reasons should be referred to administration. Court action can be taken against truants and parents when questionable absences become habitual.

Published by Sharon Lepore on October 3, 2020